Wm. J. Carpenter Family Update

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Architect Wm. J. Carpenter’s grandaughter Dr. Lynn Carpenter has retired from University of California Irvine and is now continuing to manage her tree farm in Costa Rica.  She and her sister Nancy Adrian are researching the reforestation of barren rain forest lands, and with great success.  They harvested the first crop of mature trees last year, after less than 20 years since planting. The trees are very much like the Southern long leaf pine which Grandfather used so much in his Florida buildings.  Read more about this very worthwhile project at http://www.rainprogram.org/. It is an informative web site and they will appreciate your interest.


Merrick Building-El Paso

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Merrick Building  

The slogan “go west, young man” must have sounded appealing to twenty one year old Wm. J. Carpenter in 1885.  He may also have felt the family home in Baltimore was a little crowded with father William Carpenter, mother Annie Gillette Carpenter, two brothers, Edward and Lewis, and three sisters, Anne, Alice and Minnie all living upstairs in the same row house on Central Avenue. The first floor was father William’s Print Shop.

Already having served an architectural apprenticeship in London, England and 3-4 years of work with E. G. Lind he left the family fold, last appearing in the Baltimore City Directory in 1885.  His next recorded appearance was in El Paso, Texas in 1887 as a partner of John J. Stewart when they designed the Merrick Building.

This three-story brick and sandstone building at 301-303 South El Paso Street was one of El Paso’s earliest permanent buildings and is now considered one of the city’s landmark structures.  For more details and links to the historic building survey click here.


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The subject of this Blog is the William James Carpenter, AIA who was born in London England in 1864, emigrated to the United States c1878, and practiced architecture in several different cities across the United States.  Most often referred to as Wm. J. Carpenter, he died in 1953 in Palatka, Florida.

 If you are interested in the William Joseph Carpenter PhD FAIA who is an eminent author and contemporary architect headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, you will find him at http://williamcarpenter.blogspot.com/.

 Unfortunately, our subject’s promising career was cut short by the Great Depression of the 1930s and little has been recorded of his accomplishments.  In order to save this important part of American and family history this blog is dedicated to his life works.

If you are the owner of one of Wm. J. Carpenter’s buildings or paintings, or have other interests in his career please join us here and keep in touch.  The Odyssey will continue, and who knows where it will lead.  Each newly discovered building adds another jewel to the treasure chest.

  There is still a lot of research and writing to do.  I am going to try to add new dialogue information on Wm. J. Carpenter on a weekly schedule, so please bookmark this blog and check it regularly.  I probably won’t be able to respond to comments immediately, but will try to keep up to date with them every few days.

All photographs belong to Jack Carpenter and are copyright protected unless otherwise noted.  They are not to be used for any purpose other than your personal use without my express permission. 

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