California House Painting

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California Painting by Wm. J. Carpenter

California Painting by Wm. J. Carpenter

This painting of a contemporary California house was painted and signed by Wm. J. Carpenter  in 1916 while in California.  There is no other information about it.  It is a watercolor on heavy paper, 18 3/4 X 11 1/4 inches, signed “W. J. C. 1916”. We know that sometime between 1912 and 1919 the Wm. J. Carpenter family resided in Hollywood, California on Beechwood Avenue, but we do not know the exact dates, nor for how long. Read more…


Coe Family Coat of Arms Painting

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Coe Family Coat of Arms Painting

Coe Family Coat of Arms Wm. J Carpenter c1930

Coe Family Coat of Arms
Wm. J Carpenter c1930


Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA painted a watercolor of the Coe Family Coat of Arms for his wife Agnes while in DeLand, Florida about 1930 . Mrs. Carpenter was  born Agnes Christina Coe in Brady’s Bend, Pennsylvania on May  31, 1874 ; they had married in Pittsburgh in 1900 and lived in Beaver  until about 1919 when they moved to Florida.  She was very interested in family genealogy and while tracing her family tree back to Robert Coe and Benjamin Coe (born 1629) she had encountered a rendering of the family Coat of Arms and requested her husband to make a painting of it for her. Her father was Samuel Wallace Coe (1845-1918 and mother Elizabeth b. 1852.  He was an oil field developer in Pennsylvania.  Frameable prints  are now available.  Read more….


Gloucester Cathedral Painting by Wm. J. Carpenter

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Cathedral Painting

Cathedral Painting

Revised August 11, 2016

The subject of this painting has been identified as the Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucester, England

An article on an original watercolor painting of an unknown cathedral  painted by Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA has been published in the Paintings pages.  It is believed to have been painted in the 1920s. Read More…   Gloucester Cathedral



Mountain Lake Watercolor

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Mountain Lake by Wm. J. Carpenter

The location of the mountain and lake in this striking watercolor painting by Architect/Artist Wm. J. Carpenter is unknown.  It may be Loch Lomond, Scotland or in Mexico. Read more about it at the Paintings page.

Merry Christmas

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This small (5 x 7) card was painted as a holiday greeting by Grandfather Carpenter 1936.  It is the only still life in the collection; all of his other paintings are portraits, scenes, or architectural in nature.

 While a simple subject, this card was surely painted with lots of feeling and sentiment in order to send it as a Christmas card to family and friends.  In this year of 1936 he was in Daytona and struggling to revive his architectural career at the depth of the Great Depression.

 The original was never framed until it came into my possession and had suffered considerably from lack of care and much mishandling over the years, but is one of the treasured mementoes of the UnForgotten Man.

We wish all of you the best of Holiday seasons.


Masonic Temple-DeLand

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Masonic Temple-DeLand Wm. J. Carpenter, AIA 1926

  Wm. J. Carpenter designed this state-of-the-art 3-story lodge building for the DeLand, Florida Masonic Lodge members in 1926.  At the time it was recognized as the finest lodge facility in the State of Florida.  The upper two floors were devoted to Lodge business and offices and the ground floor to commercial ventures, including the Florida Motor Lines Bus Station, the Orange Belt Pharmacy, and others.  Even so, the Lodge fell on hard times during the depression and lost the facility to foreclosure. 

Mr. Leo Alsheimer, who was the contractor on this building, was also the contractor for several of the Volusia County schools designed by Wm. J. Carpenter during the days of the Florida Boom in the mid 1920s.

A white elephant for years, it’s historical  significance has been recognized and today it is being preserved as a historical landmark, while being operated as a commercial venture.  Click here to read more.


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Watercolor painting by Wm. J. Carpenter, 1934

The Forgotten Man
Wm. J. Carpenter
Painted in DeLand, Florida, 1934.  7 X 10 1/4 inches.

It is likely that when the artist created this painting in 1934 he was expressing his personal feelings after a particularly depressing Christmas in 1933 and the ensuing months.  We know he pictured himself as one of the forgotten after he had lost everything he had during the big financial bust of the late 1920s and the difficult  years of the Great Depression.

 This is one of the few paintings by Mr. Carpenter in the collection in which such personal emotion is expressed.  The majority of them appear as illustrations of his architectural buildings, or Florida floras and scenics which are accurate depictions of the scenes, but mostly of the landscape type.

 The idea for the use of “The UnForgotten Man” as an umbrella title for my documentation of Mr. Carpenter’s life and works came to me after realizing the significance of this painting. The play on the title and theme of this painting seemed most apropos for the story of his life as I documented it.  Let us hope that he does indeed become

The UN Forgotten Man.

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