Coe Family Coat of Arms Painting

Published: May 20, 2016

Coe Family Coat of Arms Wm. J Carpenter c1930

Coe Family Coat of Arms
Wm. J Carpenter c1930

This watercolor painting of the shield of the Coe Family Coat of Arms was painted by Wm. J. Carpenter for his wife, the former Agnes Christina Coe of Brady’s Bend, Pennsylvania, probably in DeLand, Fl. during the 1930s.  It is a watercolor, 18 X 20 in., painted on heavy  drawing board.

In preparing her application for recognition as a Daughter of the American Revolution Mrs. Carpenter had done extensive research and traced her family roots in America back to Robert Coe and his coming to America from England in 1634, settling  in Watertown, MA. Where Mrs. Carpenter saw a depiction of the coat of arms is not known, but this painting is true to basics, with only minor variations from published descriptions.

Interesting background information on the Coe Family coat of arms was found  in Hobbies Magazine, October 1976, p. 145.  It mentioned that  the martlet, of which there are twelve on the shield is a footless swallow, signifying  a willing messenger always on the wing, thus needing no feet.  Apparently Mr. Carpenter was not aware of this, and a result those in the painting have noticeably small feet. The non-heraldic description is a silver shield charged with three red piles with wavy edges, between 12 black martlets, which we have here.  Why the artist did not add the other details here we do not know.

Limited prints of this painting  are available in the Print Gallery .





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