Greylock Gatehouse 8835 Crefeld

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 One would have to research back many years to find that the charming brick house at 8835 Crefeld Avenue,  Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania was once the gatehouse of Henry A. Laughlin’s historic Greylock estate, now known as 209 Chestnut Hill Avenue. In the original plan it was the grand entrance to Mr. Laughlin’s home, making it easy for him to commute from the Pennsylvania Rail Road station to his home, via Laughlin Lane.  When the Laughlin family sold the estate this entrance was closed and the gate house sold separately.

 When Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA (firm Carpenter & Crocker) designed the structure in 1909 he applied the same skill and integrity to it as he did to the manor house, and as he had to his architectural designs in El Paso, Texas, Spokane, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It has aged well with the years and continues to serve its present owners as a contemporary home.  Reports are that the openness of the design and the integrity of the construction make for very comfortable living. (The openness due to the many large windows and the floor plan is similar to that noted in Mr. Carpenter’s designs on 13th Avenue North in Old Northeast Historic District, St. Petersburg, Florida.)




8835 Crefeld Avenue


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