Palatka Ravine Gardens Painting

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Ravine Gardens-Palatka

Nationally recognized architect Wm. J. Carpenter was also a watercolor artist of “no mean repute”.  Even while busily engaged in designing state-of-the-art buildings he found time to create many paintings.  This one captured the vivid colors of the azaleas in full bloom in the Palatka Gardens.

     A WPA Project during the Great Depression, the Ravine Gardens in 1939 were declared “the Nation’s outstandiing CWA project).  Mr. Carpenter was one of the very first artists to recognize this naturally landscaped vista and to paint it.  Limited edition prints signed by grandson Jack Carpenter are available from our Gallery


E. J. Roberts Mansion Spokane

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 Of all of the buildings designed by grandfather Wm. J. Carpenter that I have been able to visit,  the Lowenberg-E. J. Roberts Mansion in Spokane is to me the most memorable. Click here.  This beautiful historic example of  Victorian Queen Anne style opulence has been faithfully preserved in 1890 condition. It is now a comfortable, friendly Bed and Breakfast Inn and should be on any tour of the up-scale Browne’s Addition section of Spokane. 

 Recognition of its historical significance is shared by other Carpenter Buildings in Spokane, including  the Miller Building (Hotel Russo), Couer D’ Alene Hotel (Milner Hotel), and the Currie residence. For a complete listing of Carpenter projects in Spokane click  here












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