Oak Hill School

Oak Hill Elementary School

AKA W.F. Burns Oak Hill Elementary School

Ridge Road, Oak Hill, Florida

Built 1924

Demolished ?

Oak Hill is a small community on the Intracoastal Waterway some 10 miles south of New Smyrna Beach.  That is about as far away from Wm. J. Carpenter’s office in DeLand as you can get and still be in Volusia County.  Perhaps that’s the reason the school that he designed for the community in 1924 was almost overlooked in my research;  that and the fact that there was another Oak Hill School (Colored) and a similarity in name to the Live Oak School.  Bring in that neither the School Board minutes nor “The Odyssey of an American School System” has much about Mr. Carpenter’s design of the building and we do not have much to report about it.  But here is what we can establish.

From the school Board minutes:  At a special meeting of the Board in April 1924 bids for the construction of a school building at Oak Hall were opened.  “ …  After considering the proposals with the local Board of Trustees of District No. 9 the Board awarded the contract to Leo Alsheimer for $25,438.00, construction to be of hollow tile and stucco according to the plans and specifications as drawn by the architect, W. J. Carpenter…The bids for the light, heat and water plants for the Oak Hill building were rejected and the architect instructed to draw up new specifications covering these items….”

The deed for four acres more or less which had recently been purchased for the new school for $1500.00 and the need for an abstract of title for this property before payment was made were  discussed during this meeting.

“On October 7, 1924  …The Board of Public Instruction met in special session at the new school building at Oak Hill…Mr. Carpenter, the architect and Mr. Alsheimer, the contractor were present…

“This meeting was called for the purpose of inspecting the new building and accepting it from the contractor….Board voted to accept the building…” After discussion of all changes the total amount due Mr. Alsheimer, the contractor, was agreed upon as $26,796.04.”

Fast forward to “The Odyssey of an American School System, which reports that “…In 1925 a new, one-story school was built on three and one fifth acres on Ridge Road east of U. S. 1.  A second story, a lunchroom and kitchen wee added to the original structure…”  And “In 1958, a survey of the school’s physical plant revealed severe structural damage…A new Oak Hill Elementary school was built in 1960…” A charter school  now known by the same name is operating in the same area, but the status of the original Carpenter building is unknown at this time. So far we have found no picture, or plans. If you have any informatiion about this subject that you think may be of interest to other readers please leave a comment below.

 It has been called the Oak Hill School, Oak Hill Elementary School and W. F. Burns Oak Hill Elementary School.


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