Holly Hill School


Holly Hill School 1940scan0001


1049 Ridgewood Boulevard

Daytona Beach, Florida

Built 1924

Demolished ?

An original red brick school building had been constructed on the site on Ridgewood Boulevard in Daytona Beach in the early 1900’s. During boom times the student population outgrew the capacity of this facility even though expansions had been made over the years. In late 1924 the School Board recognized the need for expanded facilities and commissioned Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA to prepare the plans for a major new addition to be integrated into the complex. Mr. Carpenter designed a Mediterranean Revival style two-story stucco over brick building which included six classrooms, an auditorium, a library, offices, and a new front entrance.

 From the 1924 School Board Minutes we learn:

“…Final examination of plans and specifications for the addition to the Holly Hill School was made. Plans were approved and Chairman and Secretary authorized to advertise for bids on this work.  Bids will be opened at 10 o’clock, A. M. Thursday, November 6, 1924.”

 On November 6 “…the following proposals were offered for the construction to the Holly Hill school; all bids according to plans and specifications furnished by W. J. Carpenter:

      Jesse L. Pratt                $6,450.00

      Leo Alsheimer                 6,493.00

      J. B. Southard                6,800.00

      Fuquay and Gheen              6,530.00

 After due consideration the contract was awarded to J. L. Pratt for the sum of $6,450.00…”

It is interesting to note the small difference of only $350.00 (about 6%) between the highest and lowest bids of the four competing contractors. Does this speak well of the conciseness of Mr. Carpenter’s plans and specifications, or were there other factors involved?

This integrated facility, with other additions from time to time, served the community well until the 1980s. (At a meeting of July 8, 1926 the Board had considered bids for “…a new building at Holly Hill…” with bids ranging from $62,000.000 to $77,000.00. Carpenter & Bent may or may not have been involved in this work.We have no information on the architect.)  Finally in 1983 a new school was built on the corner of Center Street and 15th Street and Holly Elementary moved to the new location in October of 1983.  The old complex was demolished soon thereafter and the area is now the site of the Holly Hill City Hall and recreational complex.

Present Holly Hill Site

c2005 photo of cleared site









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