Brother Edward Wallace Carpenter’s Paintings


Brother Edward Wallace Carpenter

 This Blog about Wm. J. Carpenter would not be complete without mention of his oldest brother Edward Wallace Carpenter who was also an artist.  Edward had emigrated from London, England with his mother, father, and siblings in the 1870s.  Although he was a recognized scenic artist in Baltimore, none of his paintings are known to exist there.  There are three or four in my collection which are shown here. The first two paintings here came into the collection from the estate of my father Edward Coe Carpenter.  The portrait of a young girl is from the estate of Wm. J. Carpenter’s son Richard, and the fourth scenic one from an estate sale in St. Augustine.

Edward W. Carpenter was born in June 1855 in London, England and died in June 1896 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is buried in Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore.

Thames River. Edward W. Carpenter

Thames River. Edward W. Carpenter

 “Thames River” Watercolor by Edward Wallace Carpenter

Signed: EWC   8 X 11 ½. Original oak frame. Undated.

 This watercolor is the oldest known painting in the Carpenter family collection. It is signed EWC, undated, but believed to have been painted in England before Edward came to the United States in 1878.  Family lore says it is of the Thames River northwest of London.


Green Dragon.   Edward W. Carpenter

Green Dragon. Edward W. Carpent


 Signed:  E. W. Carpenter  Dated:Feb. ’83 (1883)

   Print? Original frame.   11 ¾ X 8 ½

Although this is obviously an English pub, by the signed date it was painted in Baltimore after his arrival there during the late 1870s.  This may be a lithograph, printed in his father William Carpenter’s print shop.  If so, it is the only print known  to have survived.



Portrait of a Young Girl

Portrait of a Young Girl.      Signed: “E. C. 1890”

 Watercolor   8 in. X 6 ½ in.

 Subject is unknown, but appears too young to be one of his sisters.











Woodland Scene

Signed: E. Carpenter  Marked (C) B. P. Co., Inc.

Possibly painted by Edward Wallace Carpenter

12 X 16 Inches

Professionally framed by Cape Craftsmen Inc., Elizabethtown, N. C. Their No. 25  49.

This scenic print, block-printing signed E. Carpenter was obtained at an estate sale about 2010.  It was published by the B. P. Co. (Bernard Publishing Co.), which is now out of business and their records are not accessible so it is not possible to attribute this painting to Edward Wallace Carpenter.  However, because I have not been able to find information on any other Edward Carpenter artist doing similar work, because it is a scenic work, and because the Bernard Co. was publishing in the correct era, the odds are great that Edward Wallace was the artist.

Any readers who have any other related information please comment below.



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  1. I have a landscape watercolor by the same artist, purchased at a yard sale
    in Montclair, NJ . It’s an atmospheric woodland river scene.

    • Laurus,
      Do you have any ideas on how to find out more about the artist “Carpenter”?

      • unfortunately, no.

    • I have a senic painting by Edward Carpenter and I hope to obtain more info on this. My senic view is of Daisy’s a sort of log fence and large blocks.

  2. Is it possible that the painting is by Ethel (nee Gurney) Carpenter – ? I just bought a couple of watercolors that had very similar signatures, and from what I can find they are probably by Ethel…

    • Katie
      I think you are probably right. The signature is not in keeping with verified ones by Edward. I found several links to Ethel Carpenter’s obituary listing survivors. You might want to try following up some of them. If you find anything further I will update the Blog here. Thanks, Jack

  3. Jack,

    I have the exact print which was used as a backer board for a framed print of a retro print titled “Juliet’s Balcony”, by Rosina Wachtmeister. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the artist or of the print other than what I have just read here. I will research further. Have you had any type of appraisal?

    • Scott,

      I will be very interested to learn what your research turns up. I have never had an appraisal. Might turn up something, but probably not, because so little is known of him.
      Some questions come to mind, if you would please comment:
      What is the size of your print?
      Does it have a border?
      Is it signed E.W. CARPENTER FEB. 83?
      Does it have any printing information?

      This is the first time I have ever heard of the existence of any of EWC’s works other than the three in my collection. Can you send me a scan or photograph of your copy, or better yet, post it here (I don’t know how you do that)?

      Thank you, Jack

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