Greylock Mansion Chestnut Hill

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GREYLOCK , a magnificent 25-room Chestnut Hill Tudor mansion was designed by Wm. J.Carpenter of the architectural firm of Carpenter & Crocker in 1909 for Henry A. Laughlin, the senior partner of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company.

Located in  an exclusive suburb of Philadelphia, the 7 acre estate abuts Fairmount Park and commands a panoramic view of the Wissahocken Valley.  The historic property is today protected by conservation easements created by the Chestnut  Hill Historical Society.  Their archives contain extensive photographs and articles on the property.  To read more about the property, click here.

Once the home of the Sisters of Divine Providence this landmark is now serving a limited function as commercial office space. The interior has suffered several remodelings, but the exterior remains essentially as it was in the 1920s view above.


Thanksgiving Greetings

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This seems like a good time to thank all of the people across the country who have helpled me in my research of the life and career of grandfather Wm. J. Carpenter.  So, THANK YOU!  and please keep in touch .

 When I started this blog my goal was to not only publish information about Wm. J. Carpenter as an architect and artist, but hopefully to establish a dialogue that would result in the discovery of more information about him.

 Frankly, there have been a number of readers, but practically no comments, which is kind of disappointing.  Am I not on the right track?  Is anyone interested in his genealogy?  I have collected a bit of information about his family in England before they came to America, and about his 5 siblings after the family separated in Baltimore, and will be glad to share it.

 Please comment and let me know.  You don’t have to register to make comments.  Just go to the “comments” space at the end of each page and start typing.  Suggestions will be welcome.


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