Putnam Hotel Revisited

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I had a tour of the Putnam Hotel in DeLand, Florida a couple of weeks ago and was quite surprised at the condition.  From various reports and comments in the media I had expected to find it in rundown, if not, deplorable conditiion.  Instead, I found the two night clubs in the wings on the first floor are still in operation;  and maintenance is being kept up on the apartments on the other floors.  There is some millwork, especially the old wooden windows, that needs replacement, but with the new paint and updating of plumbing the condition is pretty good.  I could not find out the long term plans for operation, but there is still hope for the historic building. Here’s hoping some angel steps forward.


English Architects in Southwestern USA

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 We have recently learned of a group who are researching Brit (English) architects who practiced in the Southwestern USA and northern Mexico in the 19th and early 20th Century.  They have recognized Wm. J. Carpenter’s work on the Merrick Building and the Myar Opera House in El Paso, and possibly some designs in Zacatecas, Mexico.  He also painted some watercolors of Mexican scenes during this period.  Anyone with any information about Mr. Carpenter’s presence in these areas is urged to make a comment here. 


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