Soho Bath House


Soho Bath House Right

Soho Bath House c2010

Soho Bath HouseFront2


SOHO bathLeft

2410 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.

All photos Pittsburgh History & Landmark Foundation


Published March 16, 2016

The first information I had on this project designed by Wm. J. Carpenter of the Carpenter and Crocker firm in Pittsburgh was an email from Diana Ames:  …”I recently came across this note in the American Architect Sept. 1906( “Architects Carpenter & Crocker, Lloyd Building, East End will design the bathhouse and natatorium to be erected by the Civic Club in Fifth Avenue. Cost $75,000”.

Further information was received via Al Tannler from the  PHLF archives:

“Here is the information on the Soho Bath House, 1908:

National Municipal League/American Civic Association. “Civic Club of Allegheny County.” Manual of The Civic and Charitable Organizations of Greater Pittsburgh and of the Higher Educational Institutions, With a Brief Review of Mayor Guthrie’s Administration. Pittsburgh: A.W. McCloy, 1908: 42-44.

“The Soho Bath House [originally 2408 Fifth Avenue, now 2410 Fifth Avenue], one of the best equipped institutions of its kind in the country, will be ready for occupation in January, 1909. This building is being constructed at a cost of $120,000.” [42]

Civic Club organized 1895; operated two public bath houses: the Peoples’ Bath House on Penn Avenue and the Soho Bath House in Fifth Avenue. Also summer schools and playgrounds.

The Soho (sic) bathhouse is still there…”

Further research found that the Civic Club which had been organized in 1895 operated two public bath houses with limited facilities until the new construction of 1909.   Carpenter & Crocker exhibited drawings for both , The Peoples Baths and  The Fifth Avenue Baths at the Pittsburgh Architectural Club’s Fourth Annual Exhibition (November 1907)   The People’s Bath House at 1534 Penn Avenue has been demolished and we have no further information about it.  Is there a picture of it anywhere?  Please comment.



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  1. Dear Mr. Carpenter,
    My name is Matthew Falcone and I am the President of Preservation Pittsburgh, an organization devoted to helping communities research and preserve their history here in Pittsburgh. We are in the process of having the Oliver Bath House declared a City Historic Landmark and through some recent social media coverage, someone brought your blog to our attention, specifically highlighting William James Carpenter’s work on the Soho Bath House.
    I wanted to let you know that we’re in the very beginning stages of trying to get the remaining bath houses in the City listed as well and it looks like many were designed by your grandfather. In reading your blog it looks like you’re searching for information on the second iteration of the People’s Bath House. I wanted to let you know that it still exists (although its been altered quite a bit) and through our research we’ve come across quite a bit of pictures, information, and resources we’d be happy to share if you’re interested.
    Matthew W.C. Falcone
    1501 Reedsdale St.,Suite 5003
    Pittsburgh, Pa. 15233

  2. Mathew,

    thanks for the info. I would be very happy to receive any info you may have on the Pittsburgh bath houses relating to Wm. J. Carpenter and will share it here with our readers, with credit to you, of course.
    Good luck on your project,

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