Coe Family Coat of Arms Painting

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Coe Family Coat of Arms Painting

Coe Family Coat of Arms Wm. J Carpenter c1930

Coe Family Coat of Arms
Wm. J Carpenter c1930


Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA painted a watercolor of the Coe Family Coat of Arms for his wife Agnes while in DeLand, Florida about 1930 . Mrs. Carpenter was  born Agnes Christina Coe in Brady’s Bend, Pennsylvania on May  31, 1874 ; they had married in Pittsburgh in 1900 and lived in Beaver  until about 1919 when they moved to Florida.  She was very interested in family genealogy and while tracing her family tree back to Robert Coe and Benjamin Coe (born 1629) she had encountered a rendering of the family Coat of Arms and requested her husband to make a painting of it for her. Her father was Samuel Wallace Coe (1845-1918 and mother Elizabeth b. 1852.  He was an oil field developer in Pennsylvania.  Frameable prints  are now available.  Read more….



Currie House, Spokane, WA Auction

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The vintage Victorian Currie House, Spokane, WA, designed by architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA circa 1889 is being offered at an on-line auction as a result of a bank foreclosure.  The house has a long-time history and has received much current publicity.  It was featured on THIS OLD HOUSE TV show a few years ago.

More on the auctiion click to be held Oct. 13-15 click here.

For more on the history of the building visit:

To bring you up to date on this historic house , the first residence designed by Mr. Carpenter at the age of 25, it is on the  Spokane Historic Registry . It has been reported that it was the object of an ongoing restoration project.  Hopefullly any buyer will have the ways and means to complete the restoration which will preserve the classic integity and beauty of this unique structure. Please add comments  below.  Your address will be protected.

Putnam Hotel-DeLand Sold

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The Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA designed Hotel Putnam has been sold and is to be renovated. Read more at We will bring you more on the renovation as plans are developed. Jack

Merry Christmas

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This small (5 x 7) card was painted as a holiday greeting by Grandfather Carpenter 1936.  It is the only still life in the collection; all of his other paintings are portraits, scenes, or architectural in nature.

 While a simple subject, this card was surely painted with lots of feeling and sentiment in order to send it as a Christmas card to family and friends.  In this year of 1936 he was in Daytona and struggling to revive his architectural career at the depth of the Great Depression.

 The original was never framed until it came into my possession and had suffered considerably from lack of care and much mishandling over the years, but is one of the treasured mementoes of the UnForgotten Man.

We wish all of you the best of Holiday seasons.


Greylock Mansion Chestnut Hill

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GREYLOCK , a magnificent 25-room Chestnut Hill Tudor mansion was designed by Wm. J.Carpenter of the architectural firm of Carpenter & Crocker in 1909 for Henry A. Laughlin, the senior partner of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company.

Located in  an exclusive suburb of Philadelphia, the 7 acre estate abuts Fairmount Park and commands a panoramic view of the Wissahocken Valley.  The historic property is today protected by conservation easements created by the Chestnut  Hill Historical Society.  Their archives contain extensive photographs and articles on the property.  To read more about the property, click here.

Once the home of the Sisters of Divine Providence this landmark is now serving a limited function as commercial office space. The interior has suffered several remodelings, but the exterior remains essentially as it was in the 1920s view above.


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As the junior partner of architect John J. Stewart Wm. J. Carpenter played an important role in the design of the Myar (Myer) Opera House in El Paso, Texas in 1888.  Designed in the Renaissance Style with Romanesque features the opera house was the cultural center of El Paso until it burned in 1905.  During the theater’s short  heyday such famous entertainers as Edwin Booth, Sarah Bernhardt, Lily Langtrree and John L. Sullivan appeared there.  It is also reported that  towards the end a portion of this historical building was put to use as the brothel of a prominent madam.

The Volunteer Fire Department bravely fought the blaze in 1905, but it raged out of control until an entire block on El Paso’s main street was demolished by the blaze.  By this time Mr. Carpenter was practicing as an architect in Pittsburgh so he may not have known of the disaster..

Most of the history of this building has been lost because of its short life before  the fire, but for  the results of my Google search go to the  Myar Opera House El Paso page. One of the links given there has the only picture of the building I have been able to locate.  I tried several ways to reproduce it here, but it is apparently coded to prevent reproduction. and I have been unable to obtain a reproducible from the original source, the El Paso Historical Preservation Department.  You can take a quick look at it by clicking here;  it is an impressive building for El Paso in the early pioneer years.  If I receive a better photograph from anyone I will be glad to print it here, with full accreditation.

Merrick Building-El Paso

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Merrick Building  

The slogan “go west, young man” must have sounded appealing to twenty one year old Wm. J. Carpenter in 1885.  He may also have felt the family home in Baltimore was a little crowded with father William Carpenter, mother Annie Gillette Carpenter, two brothers, Edward and Lewis, and three sisters, Anne, Alice and Minnie all living upstairs in the same row house on Central Avenue. The first floor was father William’s Print Shop.

Already having served an architectural apprenticeship in London, England and 3-4 years of work with E. G. Lind he left the family fold, last appearing in the Baltimore City Directory in 1885.  His next recorded appearance was in El Paso, Texas in 1887 as a partner of John J. Stewart when they designed the Merrick Building.

This three-story brick and sandstone building at 301-303 South El Paso Street was one of El Paso’s earliest permanent buildings and is now considered one of the city’s landmark structures.  For more details and links to the historic building survey click here.


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Another classic church design by Carpenter & Crocker (Wm. J. Carpenter, Senior Partner) was completed in Pittsburgh in 1904 for the St. James Episcopal congregation.  Now occupied by The Church of The Holy Cross, the 100th Anniversary of this Gothic/Norman style church was recently recognized by the award of a bronze plaque by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Fouindatiion.  For more on this well-preserved building click here.

Masonic Temple-DeLand

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Masonic Temple-DeLand Wm. J. Carpenter, AIA 1926

  Wm. J. Carpenter designed this state-of-the-art 3-story lodge building for the DeLand, Florida Masonic Lodge members in 1926.  At the time it was recognized as the finest lodge facility in the State of Florida.  The upper two floors were devoted to Lodge business and offices and the ground floor to commercial ventures, including the Florida Motor Lines Bus Station, the Orange Belt Pharmacy, and others.  Even so, the Lodge fell on hard times during the depression and lost the facility to foreclosure. 

Mr. Leo Alsheimer, who was the contractor on this building, was also the contractor for several of the Volusia County schools designed by Wm. J. Carpenter during the days of the Florida Boom in the mid 1920s.

A white elephant for years, it’s historical  significance has been recognized and today it is being preserved as a historical landmark, while being operated as a commercial venture.  Click here to read more.

E. J. Roberts Mansion Spokane

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 Of all of the buildings designed by grandfather Wm. J. Carpenter that I have been able to visit,  the Lowenberg-E. J. Roberts Mansion in Spokane is to me the most memorable. Click here.  This beautiful historic example of  Victorian Queen Anne style opulence has been faithfully preserved in 1890 condition. It is now a comfortable, friendly Bed and Breakfast Inn and should be on any tour of the up-scale Browne’s Addition section of Spokane. 

 Recognition of its historical significance is shared by other Carpenter Buildings in Spokane, including  the Miller Building (Hotel Russo), Couer D’ Alene Hotel (Milner Hotel), and the Currie residence. For a complete listing of Carpenter projects in Spokane click  here












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