Artist Wm. J. Carpenter Recognition

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 Nationally recognized Victorian and early 20th century architect and artist Wm. J. Carpenter is now being acknowledged as the first artist to paint the Palatka Ravine Gardens in Palatka, Florida.

 One of Mr. Carpenter’s watercolors “REFLECTIONS’ is being featured as the poster theme for the event and the Azalea Festival Committee is sponsoring an exhibition of some 40-50 of  this Florida artist’s paintings, including scenes in the gardens, portraits, architectural renderings and other subjects.  The exhibition will be housed in the new Welcome Center at 9th Street and St. Johns Avenue from February 24th through March 11.  Ample parking is available and admission is free.  Great T-shirts will be available emblazoned with the colorful poster on the front. We hope to make arrangements to offer them on our Gallery page for those of  you who are unable to attend the festival.

Currently known as the Ravine Gardens State Park, this Federal WPA project created in the 1930s is expected to be in full bloom for the annual Azalea Festival to be held March 3-4, 2012. For further information about Palatka and the Festival click



Camp Coe Watercolor Painting-Ohio River, PA

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CAMP COE Wm. J. Carpenter 1927

This watercolor painting by Architect/Artist Wm. J. Carpenter depicts a family campground during the early 1900s.  For more details click here-Camp Coe.

Landis-Fish Building DeLand

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     The Federal style facade design of this downtown law office building in DeLand is more   evidence   of Wm. J. Carpenter AIA ‘s versatility and ability to work in various architectural styles.  His complete renovation in 1924 brought a small 1880s building into the 20th century, and it is still in use, having recently received Historic Recognition by the West Volusia Historical Society.  To read more click HERE.

Mountain Lake Watercolor

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Mountain Lake by Wm. J. Carpenter

The location of the mountain and lake in this striking watercolor painting by Architect/Artist Wm. J. Carpenter is unknown.  It may be Loch Lomond, Scotland or in Mexico. Read more about it at the Paintings page.

Putnam Hotel Revisited

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I had a tour of the Putnam Hotel in DeLand, Florida a couple of weeks ago and was quite surprised at the condition.  From various reports and comments in the media I had expected to find it in rundown, if not, deplorable conditiion.  Instead, I found the two night clubs in the wings on the first floor are still in operation;  and maintenance is being kept up on the apartments on the other floors.  There is some millwork, especially the old wooden windows, that needs replacement, but with the new paint and updating of plumbing the condition is pretty good.  I could not find out the long term plans for operation, but there is still hope for the historic building. Here’s hoping some angel steps forward.

English Architects in Southwestern USA

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 We have recently learned of a group who are researching Brit (English) architects who practiced in the Southwestern USA and northern Mexico in the 19th and early 20th Century.  They have recognized Wm. J. Carpenter’s work on the Merrick Building and the Myar Opera House in El Paso, and possibly some designs in Zacatecas, Mexico.  He also painted some watercolors of Mexican scenes during this period.  Anyone with any information about Mr. Carpenter’s presence in these areas is urged to make a comment here. 


Breaking News Seville, Florida School Community Center

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Breaking news this week was the announcement of the celebration and ribbon-cutting for the Seville Community Resurce Center slated for Sunday May 22 at 1 PM.

The building, designed by nationally recognized architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA in the 1920s, is a rare surviving example of a vernacular frame school house in a rural setting.  As such, it has been found eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

After serving the community as a school resource for many years it is now planned that the facility will continue to be the hub of the community, serving as a community meeting and resource center.

For more on the event click here.

Important Update

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In condensing the Guide to the Architectural Projects of Wm. J. Carpenter, AIA for the Period 1888-1930 in order to include it in this Blog I inadvertantly omitted some important information, namely, the acknowledgment of those who helped me in my research and a listing of the resources.

I apologize to all concerned and have today published the pertinent information as an addition at the end of “A Listing of the Architectural Projects of Wm. J. Carpenter AIA” on the Architecture page.

Greylock Gatehouse 8835 Crefeld

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 One would have to research back many years to find that the charming brick house at 8835 Crefeld Avenue,  Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania was once the gatehouse of Henry A. Laughlin’s historic Greylock estate, now known as 209 Chestnut Hill Avenue. In the original plan it was the grand entrance to Mr. Laughlin’s home, making it easy for him to commute from the Pennsylvania Rail Road station to his home, via Laughlin Lane.  When the Laughlin family sold the estate this entrance was closed and the gate house sold separately.

 When Architect Wm. J. Carpenter AIA (firm Carpenter & Crocker) designed the structure in 1909 he applied the same skill and integrity to it as he did to the manor house, and as he had to his architectural designs in El Paso, Texas, Spokane, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It has aged well with the years and continues to serve its present owners as a contemporary home.  Reports are that the openness of the design and the integrity of the construction make for very comfortable living. (The openness due to the many large windows and the floor plan is similar to that noted in Mr. Carpenter’s designs on 13th Avenue North in Old Northeast Historic District, St. Petersburg, Florida.)




8835 Crefeld Avenue

RE Anne Gillette

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Was someone searching for information about Anne Gillette of London, England?  She was married to William Carpenter and they were the parents of Wm. James Carpenter and five other children.  If you have more information about her, my great grandmother, I’d like to hear from you at


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